The more the market of NFT and metaverses grows, the more prices increase. And most people can't afford to buy land on the metaverse anymore because of this price increase. In the real world, this problem has been partially solved by allowing people to join together and buy a property through a company for example. This is exactly what Metasplit is intended for!

Metasplit allows several people to become co-owner of a land (i.e. NFT) while staying entirely compatible with the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards, thus allowing to interface with any platform respecting these standards. Each co-owner has a shares of land proportionally to his contribution. And each co-owner is free to sell on our exchange the number of shares he wants at the price that suits him.

Metasplit is a NFT's tokenization and ownership delegation protocol opening the way to crowdfunding, decentralized trading and many other features.

MetaSplit is not only interesting for investors who would like to enter the land market but don't have enough funds to buy a whole land but also for any land owner who would like to generate revenue now without selling his land completely.

For example, if you own a land on the Metaverse which is worth $10k and you want to wait for its price to go up to $100k before selling it, you can sell 10% of your land now on Metasplit (i.e. $1k) and wait for its price to go up to sell the rest and earn $90k. MetaSplit allows you to earn now without losing the ownership on your land that could be valued in the future.

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