🔑Buy a part

Use cases

Metasplit provides the opportunity to buy parts of land without buying the whole land.

You can either accept a sell order published on our exchange by a seller by accepting the number of shares and the price offered. Or you can directly submit a buy order by specifying the number and the price you want to pay. If a seller accepts your offer, the transaction automatically executed.

Metasplit accepts all crypto-currencies on the Ethereum blockchain and for every transaction a charge will be applied to the seller and buyer proportionally to the transaction amount.

However, if you use the SPLIT token as a trading currency, you will benefit from lower transaction fees.

How it works

  1. Click on "Market" in the navigation bar

  2. Select a Land

  3. Click on "Orders"

  4. Now, you have 2 possibilities:

    1. Look at the the buy/sell offers table and choose a sell offer

    2. Complete the form and click on the "Buy" button

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